Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Frugal Chicken Pot Roast

This recipe is a firm favourite in our house - not only does it taste good but its perfect for days when you have no spoons, its low on prep time and great for the slow cooker. If you dont have one you can do it in the oven.

Im cooking this in the slow cooker

Skill - Novice
Spoon Usage - 1
Cost approximately - £2.00  £1.00 per portion  ( i say approximately because it depends on how much the chicken is - we buy whole chickens and chop them up - which makes it cheaper - will post how to do that soon)
Servse 2 adults (double quantities if more people - or 1 for you and 1 for freezer if your solo cooking)

I like this dish, it light and herby, you can be a little more adventurous if you like by making cheese scones or dumplings to have with it, or thickening the stock if you want a thicker gravy.
We often have it with mash, so if you fancy that don't put the potato in and make mash with it.

If like us you are trying to watch your weight, you can remove the skin - this reduces the calories significantly, chicken legs don't tend to dry out as much, so you can get away with it. - I haven't taken the skin off today - as didn't have the spoons.

2 x Chicken legs (you can use thighs  or a thigh & drumstick combination)
2 x medium Carrot (use frozen or fresh pre-chopped)
2 handfuls of frozen peas (fresh or tinned is fine)
I large onion or 2 small
1 Litre chicken stock (use stock cube if you don't have fresh - or make a thin gravy)
1 large potato
Tarragon (or mixed herbs if you don't have tarragon)
Salt and Pepper

Prep - less than 5 minutes 
The beauty of this recipe it takes moments to put it together, there is no lengthy spoon sapping standing, stirring or processes.

1. roughly chop the  carrots into large chunks (note if you use a slow cooker you need smaller chunks than for an oven)  - or use whole frozen carrots, or pre cut carrot sticks or chunks (you can use tinned carrots too)

2. do the same for the potatoes, i don't peel them as its too painful and i like the skin, but its your choice - you want the potatoes to be a similar size to the carrots*

Tip: if you are new to cooking -  root veg like carrots & potatoes cook at a similar rate so making them a similar size means you don't have to cook the dish longer because one of the veg is still raw.

3. roughly chop the onions

4. make the stock or thin gravy if you don't have fresh stock.

 5. get peas out of the freezer :)

Putting dish together

1. put all the veg into the slow cooker pot mix them up so they are evenly mixed up (easier for serving later) season with a small amount of salt and pepper

2. pour on the stock so it just covers the veg, there should be enough liquid for the chicken to just sit in the stock
my hand wobbled a bit so slightly more tarragon than intended

3. season (salt and pepper) then sprinkle on tarragon (or herb of your choice) you can add garlic if you want to

4. pop the lid on and turn it on 

Cooking time

Slow cooker -  6 - 7 hours if you are using whole chicken legs, it depends on  the size of your slow cooker,
 if you use small thighs and chop the veg up into smaller pieces you can reduce the cooking time.

Oven - cooking time 1 hour gas mark 5 180C - again depending on oven

How do i know its cooked?
you should be able to push a knife into the veg with ease, place the chicken on a plate and if the juices comes out clear its cooked.

If you like more veg than add some on the side, i still have cabbage left over so will steam that.


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