Recipe Skill levels and Spoon Usage

This blog is aimed at all types of cooks from novice to experienced, it is also for people who like me have to pace activities in order to manage their life. often called spoonies (check out the spoon theory)

When I finally got down to planning the blog and how id like to apprach things it struck me that using a simple way for people to decide if a recipe is for them- other than ooohh that sounds nice.

Skill Level
Im a reasonably experienced cook, I wouldnt say im master chef level but I can make a croquembouche from memory. This skill level is purely a way for me to try and categorise recipes. I will group them with 3 levels

Doesn't cook often - novice or rusty cook
Cooks regularly - bashes out most meals
Cooks all the time - loves experimenting can make a hollandaise sauce from memory*

Spoon Usage
Pacing is vital - sometimes I start cooking only to find i cant finish, to barely having the energy to start. Using the short spurts of energy idea, where you add in rests - means cooking takes longer but hey - if you don't have any spoon issues then you don't need to follow this - from prep to plate time 

1 spoon - less than 15 minutes  1- 2 different steps (or for slow cooker prep time)
2 spoons  15 - 30 minutes - has 2 - 3 different steps
3 spoons  30 - 1 hour - has 3 - 4 different steps
4 spoons  More than 1 hour 4-5 differen steps

This is an experiment - if its not useful for anyone i wont do it - but it makes sense for me and its how i cook

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