Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Leftover roast chicken and veg soup #thrifty

This is a hearty, filling and very cheap recipe. Like most of my recipes you can use veg combinations you have already, this recipe is best when you use root vegetables.

I tend to make it when I have roasted a chicken - I use the meat from the legs and pick the bones as clean as i can. If a whole chicken is too expensive ( i got ours in the reduced aisle) then it works well using chicken drumsticks. As it says use left over veg - but if you don't have any you can make it all from scratch.

Caramelising the veg gives this soup a lovely deep flavor 

I would only make this soup if you are using the oven anyway or you fancy chicken and veg so double up

Spoon usage 1-2 (depending on how much you have to prep)
Cost £1 - £2.50
Serves 4 - small servings

2 chicken legs or 4 drumsticks/thigh combo (or equivalent  from a whole roasted chicken)
1 large carrot
**1 large parsnip - This is optional as it can over power the soup
1 leek or onion
2 medium sized potatoes
1 pint chicken stock
handful of peas
salt & pepper

Picture showing chicken, vegetables and 1 pint of stock

Other veg  or ingredients you could use
sweet potato
butternut squash
butter beans

I have written the main recipe up as if you are making it from scratch - I will give the short recipe if you have got leftovers to use

peel the potato's, parsnip and carrot
peel and chop the onion - leave it in nice big pieces - if using the leek chop into approx 1" long chunks
roughly chop the carrots and parsnips - make the carrots slightly smaller as they take longer to roast
Make 1 pint of chicken stock either use a stock cube or  use homemade stick if you have it

**Frozen stewing veg will work well in this if you cant chop easily.

Turn the oven on to 180 or gas mark 5

have a little rest while the oven heats

1. Put the veg  (except the potatoes) into a roasting tin and place the chicken onto top. add a little water, this helps to make a stock. roast for 1 hour or until the chicken is cooked and the veg is nicely caramelised

2. Leave to cool then pick the chicken off the bones.

3. peel and dice the potatoes, add 1 pint of chicken stock, cook until soft.

Potatoes in 1 pint of chicken stock

4. once the potatoes are cooked - remove half  of the potatoes from the pan (don't throw away the cooking stock) add half the cooked carrots and onion into the pan and liquidise until you have a smooth thick sauce. If it looks too thick add some more water.

5. dice the rest of the carrots, and then add chicken, potatoes, peas to the pan. stir and taste - season if required. It shouldn't need more salt as the stock cube tends to be salty.

finished soup

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