Sunday, 10 February 2013

Make your own Jelly Pot Treats

this is a short blog - im working on a longer weeks meal planner one.

I love little pots of jelly and fruit - it is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, why i hadn't thought of this before i will never know. We normally buy me 3 for a quid type pots. usually 49p each.

yesterday when we were shopping suddenly had the idea Doh!

1 pack of jelly - 40p makes 1 pint - you quick veggie jelly crystals
1/2 tin cheap peaches - 20p  - or what ever fruit you like (whole tin is 32p)
empty yogurt pots (we have loads as its my husbands sweet treat)

*you only need half a tin - you can freeze the peaches so they can be used for something else or more jelly pots later on

Have worked out that i can make 6 big pots of jelly and fruit in a standard 125 yogurt pot
or 12 if you add more fruit

Makes 4 large or 8 -10 small pots
Total cost 59p
this compares to the 49 p each pot usually costs.

4 x 125g yogurt pots 14 pence
8 x 75g fromage frait pots 7 pence

Spoon useage 1 (if that)

1. follow instruction to make up jelly - usually tear jelly apart into a heatproof jug, pour on boiling  water and disolve

2. open tin - chop up peaches into small pieces

3. let jelly cool (but not set, you dont want to melt the yogurt pots)

4. put fruit segments into emplty clean yogurt pots

5. pour on jelly

6, stiir

7, cover pots with clingfilm

8. enjoy

vary quatity accoridng to how much you want to make

Im sure doing a fruit compot and custard combo would work out equally well and be super cheap indeed - i shall experiment.
Id love to hear your money saving tips on making little pots of sweet treats.

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